birch trees

New Options

So many people have asked me for prints of my work and to investigate less expensive ways to frame my work.  I've been doing both.  With regard to framing, often the frame can be more expensive than the original painting itself!  

I've been researching this and have seen several prominent international watercolor painters using deep canvases and then treating the work with an archival and protective surface, after it is adhered to the canvas with conservational materials.  No glass involved, no traditional frame, and the painting is UV protected, too!  Plus it is protected from dust and surface dirt and a whole lot less expensive.  

 I tried this on four paintings.  Super exciting.  The fact that all four paintings sold as a grouping encourages me to keep going with this new method!  The customer was glad to have the paintings "up close and personal" - just like an oil painting would be.  And this new method provides has all the protection for UV rays and dirt - without the expense and a very contemporary look.  

These are an example of the four that sold last week:

Keeping An Appointment with the Trees

I frequently tramped eight or ten miles through the deepest snow to keep an appointment with a beech-tree, or a yellow-birch, or an old acquaintance among the pines
— 1817 - 1862 Henry David Thoreau

All winter I've been working on a series of birch tree and landscape paintings, many of which I've started to post on this (newer version) website.   "Keeping an appointment with the trees" feels like a coming home statement to me.

When I was young I regularly sat beneath trees and communicated with them, quietly.  These things I kept to myself.  I kept up my visits with many trees in my life, returning to special ones in all the areas I lived.  How rich it has made my life.  All the simple gifts and rich treasures nature provides!   

So every week this winter I've been keeping an appointment with the trees.  It's been energizing and very fulfilling.  My latest series is one of several birch landscapes, three of which are now complete.