Intentions Soaring

This couple contacted me a few months ago and asked me to create a large painting for over the fireplace in their new home. They wanted the painting to capture the spirit of our area here in Driftless of southwestern Wisconsin, but not be a specific place.

As part of my process, I asked them to choose some words that were meaningful to them at this time. I incorporated all those words and thoughts in the underlayers of the painting. Big nature afficionados and bird lovers, the trout stream and flock of birds seems to carry the intention for the painting, creating a very meaningful connection for them.

It was such an honor to work with this couple . When leaving to take their painting home, this was expressed: “This has been one of the best things that ever happened to me.” I am humbled by this and very thankful for the opportunity to work with them.

Custom order for this lovely couple

Custom order for this lovely couple

Heartfelt Joy of Nature


I recently finished this acrylic and mixed media painting. Even though the winter cold can sometimes be a challenge for me, I do love the season and the beauty is brings. I’m mean….come on! Those blue shadows on snow. I just absolutely love them.

My son’s friend recently came over to our home and saw this painting and her exact words were, “You capture and inspire the heartfelt joy of nature.” Of course, I said, “Can I quote you on that?”! Thank you, Genevieve, for your kind words that I do strive to express in all my work. I’m so glad that Genevieve told me this, because I feel that joy in everything I paint.

New Small Works

Summer Birches

Summer Birches

This week I've been doing lots of these small 5 x 5 acrylic and mixed media 

This week I've been doing lots of these small 5 x 5 mixed media pieces on canvas and varnishing them.  I'll be selling them online and at upcoming art shows.  If you have any interest, you can check out my shop page. 

Next art fair up is Driftless Art Festival in Soldiers Grove!  Right in my back yard. Click here for more information about the Driftless Art Festival: 

Small Fall Birches   

Small Fall Birches



Love this piece of oak savannah! 

Love this piece of oak savannah! 

Last week I got to visit a stand of oaks in Kenosha county that I have enjoyed my entire life.  Thankfully they are still standing, among a small patch of land, as the interstate and sprawl is all -consuming around them.

As a child, every time we passed these trees on the highway I would look so wistfully at them, as they were obviously hundreds of years old even then. It's amazing to me to imagine the prairie and oaks that laid like a blanket over the landscape, as it is now just a small patch.  

I got out of the car to walk among the grass (off the parking lot of a mega grocery store), and the crickets and birds were singing.  


Finding The Way Home



Such a wonderful time of year to hear the Sandhill Cranes returning and flying overhead.  I love and look forward to this sound every year.  I finished this piece today, and I am so inspired to be making these.  This is 11 x 14" and on a 1.5" deep canvas, ready to hang.  It is primarily acrylic, but there are some other elements in it: colored pencil, mixed media, and some oil paint.  It is covered with a gloss medium for archival quality and protection. 

These images combine all my life experiences that have brought me to this point.  When I painted this, I remembered long bike rides in Finland over bridges and across many lakes and grasslands.  I loved to watch the waving grass take on so many colors and be reflected in the water.  In Wisconsin, trips to Horicon Marsh and the International Crane Foundation inspire me every single time.   My heart truly sings to see these birds.  

Crane Prints

Anyone who knows me is very aware of my love affair with all sorts of birds, but especially cranes.  It's a great honor to have many of my bird prints and greeting cards at the International Crane Foundation in Baraboo, WI.  I so admire the tremendous work that organization and their many volunteers have made in saving cranes from around the world.  Here is a sample of some of my prints and cards that I will soon have listed on this site.

Spring Notes


Getting Ready for the Winding Roads Art Tour coming up May 20th and 21st right here in my hometown of Viroqua.  These smaller works have been popular, and they are probably some of my favorite to make.  I plan to have many of them for sale.  

So many other fine artists are a part of the show.  You can learn more about it and see who will be participating: