On location here in the Driftless

On location here in the Driftless

The variety, shape, color, and forms of the natural world have fascinated me since childhood. At two-years old, one of my first memories was sitting in the warm spring sun and watching tulips open. Their fragrance, colors, and soft petals brought me such joy. I still seek to remain connected to that fulfilling feeling when I paint, and in life in general. In my paintings, bright butterfly forms, birds, birch trees and other shapes of nature are sometimes embellished and framed with calligraphy of my own verse, which often celebrates my respect for diversity in all its many forms. 

My work is a joyful expression my life and its inspired views, usually in nature. The majority of my life has been spent in the scenic state of Wisconsin - in northern forests and lakes, along the shores of Lake Michigan, and also for the last twenty years in the Driftless region of southwestern Wisconsin. Time spent traveling and extended trips to Finland and Vermont have also deeply influenced me.

My goal is to have my work be a reminder of our connection to nature and the collective whole.    It pains me greatly to see the evidence of the global and national policies that deny our connection and interconnectedness to nature. I know without a doubt that there is such a indescribably delicate and intertwined, symbiotic connection with all cooperative components of nature. With watercolors, acrylic and mixed media, I seek to notice and feel the beauty all around me in my daily life and paint from my heart.  I hope you will sense the heart connection to nature in my work, as I believe connecting to our hearts in nature is more important than ever. We cannot save or even value what we do not have a heartfelt connection to.

It's an honor to have several of my crane images sold at the International Crane Foundation in Baraboo, WI and many other conservation and Audubon sites around the country.  What a pleasure to have so many paintings sold to collectors at the VIVA Art Gallery in Viroqua, WI for the last ten years. Surrey Art Gallery in Delavan, WI, the Brewery Pottery Art Gallery and just recently Longbranch Gallery in Mineral Point, WI.  These places and especially my Fine Art America and Etsy sites have given me the opportunity to have customers from all over the world.  

I live in the beautiful "Driftless" area of southwestern Wisconsin with my husband and two children.  

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